Cheaper By The Coven
Episode 3 of 22 within Season Seven. Item 137 of 178 overall.
Production number 4301137.
Mark Wilding - Writer
Derek Johansen - Director
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Against Piper's wishes, Paige and Phoebe summon Grams for Chris' wiccaning. To put an end to the brother's sibling rivalry, Grams puts a spell on them, but in the process turns the sisters back to bickering teenagers.

Meanwhile, Leo consults a demonic seer to find out who attacked Wyatt and learns that he has a connection to Wyatt's attacker, and Phoebe attends an award ceremony with Les, only to end up acting like a love-struck teenager.

original airdate--September 26,2004   rating--5.3 million


music--Charmed Theme song--"How Soon is Now" by Love Spit Love


Trivia: The title is based upon the term "Cheaper by the Dozen".


  • When the Seer (Charisma Carpenter) encounters Leo (Brian Krause) for the first time, she calls Leo's actions un-Scooby-like. It's a reference to Charisma's previous series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy's group called themselves the Scoobys, a reference to the cartoon character and timid ghost fighter Scooby-Doo.



"When three sisters reunite they unlock powers that have been dormant since they were children. In fact, they are the Charmed Ones, the most powerful witches alive -- charged with protecting the innocent from evil."

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regional titles

Goedkoper door de Coven
Cheaper By The Coven
Cheaper By The Coven
Der Rivalitätszauber
Níos saoire By The Coven
Cheaper By The Coven
Más barato por el Aquelarre