Run, Piper, Run
Episode 3 of 22 within Season Eight. Item 159 of 178 overall.
Production number 62015-08-1.
Cameron Litvack - Writer
Derek Johansen - Director
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The sisters are still undercover. Piper's alias "Jenny" is wanted by the police for murder and soon Piper gets in trouble. Paige and Billie try to find Maya in order to help free Piper. But there is more to this case than meets the eye.

Phoebe and Dex get closer. When they kiss, Phoebe gets a premonition of what will happen at Dex’s gallery opening… it’s chaotic to say the least. Leo hosts a playgroup for Wyatt and other toddlers at the manor. He must deal with the moms.

original airdate--October 09,2005  rating--4.1 million


music--Charmed Theme song--"How Soon is Now" by Love Spit Love

  1. "Hollow" by Four Star Mary


Goof: When the witches are "haunting" D.A. Nance, Billie makes him think his hands are old and wrinkly. When he holds his hands up to show what it is he sees you can briefly see the edges of the actors actual hands below the suit cuffs on the fake, old hands.

Trivia: Title is based upon a German movie title "Run Lola Run" (1998)


"When three sisters reunite they unlock powers that have been dormant since they were children. In fact, they are the Charmed Ones, the most powerful witches alive -- charged with protecting the innocent from evil."

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regional titles

Run, Piper, Run
Run, Piper, Run
Run, Piper, Run
Piper, Run
Rith, Piper, Rith
Run, Piper, Run
Ejecutar, Piper, Run