A Bullet Runs Through It (I)
Episode 7 of 24 within Season Six. Item 124 of 345 overall.
Production number 607.
Richard Catalani - Writer
Carol Mendelsohn - Writer
Danny Cannon - Director
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A routine traffic stop turns into a wild police chase through the streets of Las Vegas, resulting in the death of a police officer.

When all is finished, the crime scene stretches for miles and the CSIs face an avalanche of ballistic evidence in order to find the real killer of the police officer who died on the scene. Grissom fears the officer may have been the victim of "friendly fire" and not the drug criminals they were chasing.

original airdate--November 10,2005   rating--29.55 million


music--Theme song--"Who Are You" by The Who

  1. "Undone" by Cinephile


Goof: Catherine is in the lab reviewing the audio tape of the police call to dispatch, the dispatcher claims that the first call she received was at 6:34. First, her lips do not match what she is saying and then when they show the screen with the audio playing, the screen reads "first call 5:43."

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  CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Season Six

regional titles

De kogel gaat er dwars doorheen (I)
A Bullet Runs Through It (I)
A Bullet Runs Through It (I)
Im Kugelhagel (I)
A Ruthaig Ar Bullet TrÝ sÚ (I)
Conflitto a fuoco (I)
Una bala de la vida (I)