Monster in a Box
Episode 16 of 24 within Season Seven. Item 157 of 345 overall.
Production number 716.
Douglas Petrie - Writer
Naren Shankar - Writer
Jeffrey Hunt - Director
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The miniature killer reveals he/she is still at large by sending Grissom an especially chilling miniature that forewarns a woman and her cat are scheduled to die the next day. With potentially less than a day to attempt to prevent the next murders, the CSI team must quickly shake off their shock that the true miniature killer is not the late Ernie Edward Dell, who committed suicide after confessing to the slayings.

Grissom ponders why the killer deviated from his/her eerie tradition of leaving the miniature at the crime scene after the murder. He also laments that he held up the investigation by being on sabbatical when the unmarked package with the miniature arrived for him.

original airdate--February 15,2007    rating--22.71 million


music--Theme song--"Who Are You" by The Who

  1. "Wade In The Water" by Eva Cassidy



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Monster in a Box
Monster in a Box
Monster in a Box
Monster in a Box
Monster in a Box
Monster in a Box
Monster in a Box