A Lie Agreed Upon (II)
Episode 2 of 12 within Season Two. Item 14 of 36 overall.
Production number 99758.
Jody Worth - Writer
Edward Bianchi - Director
75 votes

As the day’s injured recoup, the night brings a new set of tensions. Alma and an increasingly self-destructive Bullock face an abrupt decision on their future, even as the Sheriff seeks to make good a family pledge to recover his badge and guns from Swearengen, with help from Utter and a newly returned Jane.

original airdate--March 13,2005    


Opening music: The Deadwood theme music is a piece by David Schwartz

Closing music: "Business You're Doin'" by Lightnin' Hopkins

  1. "Business You're Doin'" by Lightnin' Hopkins



Goof: The single-edged skinning knife Calamity Jane uses to cut herself free from the saddle isn't the double-edged dagger she'd just grabbed out of Doc Cochran's hand.



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regional titles

A Lie overeengekomen (II)
A Lie Agreed Upon (II)
Un mensonge convenu (II)
A Lie vereinbart (II)
A Lie Comhaontaithe Ar (II)
A Lie convenuto (II)
Una mentira acordada (II)