Ah, But Underneath
Episode 2 of 23 within Season One. Item 2 of 191 overall.
Production number 101.
Marc Cherry - Writer
Larry Shaw - Director
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Mike's dog pays the price when Edie crashes his dinner date with Susan. Susan and Edie are still fighting over Mike.

Meanwhile, Gabrielle realizes that her lawnboy is taking their fling to heart - and that Carlos may actually be catching on. Also, Bree goads Rex into therapy, where the doctor may be the one who needs the most help. Lynette resorts to drastic measures to keep her kids in line, but it blows up in her face. Mary Alice's past resurfaces - literally - despite Paul's efforts to keep it buried.

Lastly, Susan's secret of accidently burning down Edie's house may come back to haunt her as the measuring cup she left in Edie's house is found - by Mrs. Huber.

original airdate--October 10,2004     rating--20.03 million


music--Theme song--"We Don't Need Lov"... by Fitz & The...

  1. "Ah, But Underneath" by Stephen Sondheim (from the London production of Follies)


Goofs: When Mike is taking his dog to the vet, we see that Susan's hair is covering her ear in all the shots except the last one when her hair is behind her ear to show that the earring is gone. 

  • Right before John escapes through the window, you see that he's wearing underwear under his towel. But when he is pushed out of the window and his towel falls off, he suddenly isn't wearing any.
  • When John is forced to escape from Gabrielle's room, it's obviously a stunt double that goes through the window.
  • When we see Lynette driving her kids, in the first shot we see some red, blue and white decoration in the front of the car to the right, then when the shot changes it's in the center.
  • Mike has a map of Wisteria Lane which details the residents of each house, along with their ages and when they moved in. The names noted under the Scavo residence correctly include Tom, Lynette, Porter, Parker, and Preston. However, the baby is listed as Daisy, although her name is Penny.



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Ah, But Underneath