Pretty Little Picture
Episode 3 of 23 within Season One. Item 3 of 191 overall.
Production number 102.
Oliver Goldstick - Writer
Arlene Sanford - Director
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The women decide to go ahead with the big dinner party that the late Mary Alice Young had planned to host, despite the more-than-minor disturbances in their own lives. Adulterous Gabrielle finds herself with a nine-year-old blackmailer who catches Gabrielle in the act in her affair with gardner John.

Also, Bree struggles to keep her crumbling marriage a secret. Lastly, Susan bares all---in more ways than one---as she confronts her ex.

original airdate--October 17,2004     rating--20.87 million


music--theme song compose by Danny Elfmn

underscore music, composed by Steve Jablonsky 

  1. "Pretty Little Picture" by Stephen Sondheim (from A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum)


Goofs: When Julie is leaving we see that she leaves the door open and then it closes with a slight open gap, yet just for one shot the door is completely closed, then it's open again.

  • When Bree steals Mary Alice's tape in Dr Goldstein's room, she takes it with her right hand and grabs it to her waist while she raises her left hand to her hair. In the next shot when the doctor enters the room, you can see her right hand is up, and when the camera comes on her the next shot, her left hand is up again.
  • When Gabrielle and Carlos are saying hello to Ashley, the position of her hands change on the ball, from the front to the side to the front again.
  • When Karl is speaking to Susan whilst she's in the towel, we see in one shot his chin is resting on his palm, then when the shot changes he tilts his head and then moves his fingers to his chin then when the shot changes his chin is resting on his palm again.


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Pretty Little Picture