Remember (II) (season finale)
Episode 24 of 24 within Season Two. Item 49 of 191 overall.
Production number 224.
Jenna Bans - Writer
Marc Cherry - Writer
Larry Shaw - Director
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A series of flashbacks take us back to moving-in day on Wisteria lane for Bree, Susan, Gaby and Lynette, and to how Mary Alice Young brought them all together.

Meanwhile Bree gets some frightening news, Susan moves into a trailer, Lynette faces a crisis in her marriage and Gaby and Carlos learn more about Xiao-Mei.

original airdate--May 21,2006  rating--24.23 million


music--Theme song--"Desperate Housewives" by Danny Elfman

  1. "Remember": Part 1 & 2 by Stephen Sondheim (Song title from A Little Night Music)


Title reference: The episode title Remember is the title of a song sung by the quintet in the Stephen Sondheim musical, A Little Night Music.

Goofs: When Tom and Lynette are talking in the hospital, Tom's ice pack is away from his head in shots of his face but in shots of Lynette the pack is visible against his head.


  • In the scene where Bree's daughter and Betty Applewhite's son enters the Applewhite residence, Betty Applewhite comes down the stairs and makes it all the way to the bottom. The camera pans to her again and she again descending the stairs.
  • At the end of the episode Orson smashes his car into Mike as he crosses the street. Mike hits the front-end and cart-wheels onto the windshield, roof and over the trunk. In the next scene Orson drives up to Bree's house bringing flowers to her. But Orson's car shows no front-end or windshield damage.



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  Desperate Housewives, Season Three

regional titles

Herinner me (II) (seizoensfinale)
Remember (II) (season finale)
N'oubliez pas de (II) (fin de saison)
Denken Sie daran, (II) (Saisonfinale)
Cuimhnigh (II) (chlár deiridh den tsraith)
Remember (II) (finale di stagione)
Recuerde (II) (final de temporada)