Rest in Peace (season finale)
Episode 15 of 15 within Season One. Item 15 of 31 overall.
Production number 113.
Stephen Godchaux - Writer
John Masius - Writer
Helen Shaver - Director
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On the first anniversary of George's death, Rube grants her the day off. Motivated to get her afterlife back on track again, she returns to Happy Time temp agency to ask for her old job back. But after being bluntly rejected by Delores, George pouts through yet another drab day... Until the universal powers-that-be intervene and inspire her to try to live her afterlife to the fullest.

Meanwhile, Rube goes on a reap-assignment to a yoga class where he shares a few good words with the instructor. Mason asks Daisy‘s assistance to help him hook up with a living woman.

Elsewhere, the Lass' prepare to visit Georgia's grave for the first time since her death to put the past behind them.

original airdate--September 26,2003  



Goofs: In the last scene at the cemetery, the amount of champagne in George's glass goes up and down as the camera angle changes.

  • In the scene where George reflects about what she had said to Delores Herbig about the universe taking care of her and her cat. When the camera zooms out a Game Boy Advance is seen next to George's foot and then in the next shot, as the nurse comes out, it's gone.


What is life really like after death? George Lass finds out when a stray toilet seat from the MIR space station drops out of the sky and kills her. She is immediately recruited to become a Grim Reaper, an undead who collects souls of people about to die.

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regional titles

Rust in Vrede
Rest in Peace (season finale)
Se reposer dans la Paix
Ruhen Sie in Frieden
An chuid eile i Síochána
Riposarsi nella Pace
Descanse en la Paz