The Ledger
Episode 2 of 15 within Season Two. Item 17 of 31 overall.
Production number 202.
Bridget Carpenter - Writer
Stephen Godchaux - Writer
Jeff Woolnough - Director
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George is bummed when she finds out that her parents are selling the home she grew up in. But things turn from bad to worse for her when her bicycle gets stolen, and at Happy Time she is suspected of stealing office supplies. George finally decides to embrace her bad side by claiming a red Mustang car from a guy that she reaps.

Meanwhile, Daisy goes on her assignment to the jewelry shop to reap the owner and to claim more crosses. Also, Mason sets out to prove to everyone that he is not drinking anymore. 

original airdate--August 1,2004

Goof--When Rube is going to give his keys to George, Daisy has a cup in her right hand, at her lips, and is looking at George. Next frame, opposite angle, she has the cup in her left hand, at chest level, and is looking at Rube.

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regional titles

de Ledger
The Ledger
le grand livre
an Mórleabhar
La Ledger
El libro mayor