Ghost Story
Episode 3 of 15 within Season Two. Item 18 of 31 overall.
Production number 203.
Stephen Godchaux - Writer
Annie Weisman - Writer
Milan Cheylov - Director
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George is induced to accompany her Happy Time co-workers on their annual woodland retreat. However, even there she can't escape from her duties as a reaper. Mason loses his post-it note with the name of the next soul to reap.

Meanwhile, Joy does her best to sell her house, much to Reggie's dislike, who scares them away saying that George, her late sister still keeps in touch with her from beyond the grave.

original airdate--August 08,2004   


music--Dead Like Me --theme Composed by Emilio Kauderer

  1. Suite from "Ghost Story Part I" by Stewart Copeland
  2. Suite from "Ghost Story Part II" by Stewart Copeland


Goofs: As Daisy and Georgia approach the gym's juice bar, Georgia asks her if she went to the gym when she was alive. As Daisy answers, her arm is alternately holding/not holding her purse strap between shots.

  • Georgia states that a crab is not an animal, but a crustacean. Crustaceans are animals - they are just not mammals.
  • Mirrors should show the characters' "Un" faces (as stated in the Pilot by Mason). However, when Mason and Daisy dance in Rube's apartment, the mirror reflects their true faces.
  • Delores asks Georgia is she's in for the run to the juice bar. As Georgia shakes her head, Delores arms jump from to her side, to crossed at her front between shots.


What is life really like after death? George Lass finds out when a stray toilet seat from the MIR space station drops out of the sky and kills her. She is immediately recruited to become a Grim Reaper, an undead who collects souls of people about to die.

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regional titles

Ghost Story
Ghost Story
Histoire de fantômes
Scéal Ghost
Storia di fantasmi
Historia de fantasmas