In Escrow
Episode 6 of 15 within Season Two. Item 21 of 31 overall.
Production number 206.
Stephen Godchaux - Writer
Annie Weisman - Writer
Steve Beers - Director
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 At Happy Time, George is paralyzed by indecision when she must hire an employee from a desperate pool of three applicants who want the job.

Meanwhile, George's sister, Reggie, is paralyzed by fear when she's abandoned by her babysitter while her mother, Joy, spends an evening with a man named Angelo, whom she met while hunting for a new place to live. Mason meets and reaps an aging rock star hero from his youth. Roxy tells Daisy that the relatives of the victim from which Daisy stole her cross want it back. Rube has the team come together for a major reap assignment involving a mass shooting spree that brings George's story to a head. 

original airdate--August 29,2004    network--Showtime   

music--Dead Like Me --theme Composed by Emilio Kauderer





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regional titles

in bewaring
In Escrow
en d'engagement
in Escrow
i escrow
In Escrow
en plica