The Enemy Within
Episode 11 of 19 within Season One. Item 11 of 19 overall.
Production number 111.
Brent V. Friedman - Story
Bryce Zabel - Story
Brad Markowitz - Teleplay
James Charleston - Director
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August 19,1964--Following the deaths of both President Kennedy and his assassin, Bach realizes that the alien hive has planted a spy inside Majestic - and all the evidence points to his trusted aide, Jim Steele. However, Steele escapes into the Majestic complex after a failed attempt to eject the alien ganglion from his body.

Meanwhile, Loengard and Sayers return to Johns childhood home in California, where an uneasy reception from Johns older brother Ray revives long-standing tensions between them.

original airdate--January 11,1997  rating--4.9 million


music:"John's Escape","Roswell, New Mexico", by Michael Hoenig



Post A. R.T., the residual ganglion tendrils inside a saved human's brain act as latent antennae for the Hive's telepathic frequency. "Receivers", as they have come to be known, will usually experience an unintelligible "buzz" when in the proximity of a Hive member, although the signal source is rarely identifiable.


 "My name is Jon Lowengard. I am recording this because we may not live through the night. They're here. They're hostile. And powerful people don't want you to know. History as we know it, is a lie!"

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regional titles

The Enemy Within
The Enemy Within
L'ennemi de l'intÈrieur
Der Feind ist überall
An Namhaid Laistigh
El enemigo dentro