Both Sides Now
Episode 16 of 19 within Season One. Item 16 of 19 overall.
Production number 116.
Melissa Rosenberg - Writer
James A. Contner - Director
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As Steele works on Sayers to willingly accept returning to the Hive, Loengard seeks anyone he believes can lead him to his wife. So, when Bach Juliet to Berkeley where the Hive is infiltrating the growing antiwar movement, John insists that he go along, to, unaware that hes being used to locate Kim.

Although John spots her, he is unable to stop Kim from Joining Steele on a trip to visit her son. And as John and Juliet question antiwar activist Jerry Rubin about here whereabouts, back in Washington Bach sees that the Vietnam War can be used to increase funding for Majestic.

original airdate--March 8,1997          rating--4.0 million



 "My name is Jon Lowengard. I am recording this because we may not live through the night. They're here. They're hostile. And powerful people don't want you to know. History as we know it, is a lie!"

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regional titles

Both Sides Now
Both Sides Now
¿ chacun sa guerre
Welchen Krieg wollt ihr?
An dá thaobh Anois
Una sporca guerra
Ambos lados ahora