The Passenger
Episode 8 of 19 within Season One. Item 8 of 175 overall.
Production number 409.
Morgan Gendel - Story
Morgan Gendel - Teleplay
Michael Piller - Teleplay
Robert Hewitt Wolfe - Teleplay
Paul Lynch - Director
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Stardate: 465570.8--Traveling in a Runabout, Kira and Bashir pick up a distress signal from a disabled ship and beam over to discover an injured security officer named Ty Kajada.

Her passenger - a murderer named Rao Vantika, had set the ship on fire in order to escape, but dies from his injuries after attempting to strangle Bashir. When strange things begin to happen on the station, his captors believe he is not dead, despite the body in Bashir's morgue.

orig. airdate--February 21,1993

music--"Theme from Star Trek" "Where No Man Has Gone Before" by Dennis McCarthy

Goofs--when the Koblian officer opens Vantika's eyes to run a retinal scan, his pupils dilate, despite the fact that he is dead.

  • The dying Vantika hides his consciousness away in a portion of Dr. Bashir's mind. At one point, "Bashir" (heavily cloaked in clothing and shadows) comes up behind Quark and makes sure his demands are clear. At this point, it should still be unclear just how Vantika is still "alive", and whose body he is using. However, when he shoves Quark away, for a fraction of a second, Bashir's face can be seen under his hood. They were true to plot in using the right actor (though he shouldn't have been seen), it is possible some might have spied the secret earlier than the show meant to reveal it.

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regional titles

The Passenger
Le passager
Der Parasit
Il clandestino
El pasajero