The Siege (III)
Episode 3 of 26 within Season Two. Item 22 of 175 overall.
Production number 40510-423.
Michael Piller - Writer
Winrich Kolbe - Director
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Stardate: 47143.9--After evacuating all civilians from Deep Space Nine, Sisko leads a daring last stand against the Bajoran takeover forces, and Kira and Dax embark on a desperate mission to reveal the truth about the coup.Starfleet orders all Federation personnel to vacate Deep Space Nine, but Commander Sisko makes the choice to defend the station.

Meanwhile, all Federation personnel are evacuated save for all of the Starfleet officers onboard, who stand with Sisko. With the evidence that Cardassians are supplying The Circle with weapons, Major Kira and Lieutenant Dax find transportation down to Bajor to convince the Provisional Government of Jaro's misdeeds.

original airdate--October 10,1993

network-- Syndication

music--"Theme from Star Trek" "Where No Man Has Gone Before" by Dennis McCarthy


Goof: When Dr. Bashir and Quark are moving through the Jeffries tube and Quark is pushing the "heavy" box, it becomes much lighter and easier to move when Quark rushes past it to get to Bashir after his "your mother" joke.

Trivia: Referenced Rules of Acquisition: #31 ("Never make fun of a Ferengi's mother")

Alien Races: Bajorans, Bolians, Ferengi, Antican, Kobheerian, Lurian

Spaceships: U.S.S. Ganges


Commander Benjamin Sisko has been sent to a highly contested region of space to take control of Deep Space 9. His mission: to help the newly liberated planet of Bajor and guard the entrance to a just discovered, stable wormhole that opens up on the far side of the universe.

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regional titles

The Siege (III)
Le siège
Die Belagerung
La rivolta: l'assedio
El bloqueo