Business As Usual
Episode 18 of 26 within Season Five. Item 114 of 175 overall.
Production number 40510-516.
Bradley Thompson - Writer
David Weddle - Writer
Alexander Siddig - Director
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Stardate: Unknown--Quark's cousin Gaila arrives at the station with a business proposition. He offers a piece of his weapon-selling business to Quark - which would pay off all of Quark's debts within a month.

But the best part is Quark will technically not be breaking the law as he will be in charge of "hospitality", showing customers a good time and allowing them to test harmless replicas of their offerings in his Holosuites. Soon, Quark is making more latinum than he ever imagined.

original airdate--April 07,1997

network: Syndication

music--"Theme from Star Trek" "Where No Man Has Gone Before" by Dennis McCarthy


Alien Races: Ferengi, Tygarian, Palamarians, Lurian, Klingon, Yridian, Bolian, Kobheerians



Commander Benjamin Sisko has been sent to a highly contested region of space to take control of Deep Space 9. His mission: to help the newly liberated planet of Bajor and guard the entrance to a just discovered, stable wormhole that opens up on the far side of the universe.

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regional titles

Business As Usual
Les affaires avant tout
I soliti affari
Negocios como siempre