Hoops aka Hoop Dreams
Episode 6 of 23 within Season One. Item 6 of 90 overall.
Production number 006.
Bob Brush - Writer
Rick Rosenthal - Director
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When the paper tells of a high school basketball star with a heart condition, Gary ventures into Marissa's old neighborhood. He finds the basketball star less than concerned for his heath, considering he has a younger brother to support. Marissa is reunited with an old boyfriend.

original airdate--November 02,1996  rating--10.1 million


music--theme song "Time Has Come Today." by the Chambers Brothers composed by W.G. "Snuffy" Walden


Goofs: When Gary is at Michael's house, one of the cupboard doors goes from closed to opened between shots without being touched.

  • [At the rail platform] The same woman (long blonde hair, dark briefcase) can be seen getting on the train twice, once each from two different angles.
  • When Gary knocks on Michael's door he knocks five times but there is only audio for four (the final knock is missing).


[Voice of Fisher Stevens] "What if you knew beyond a doubt what was going to happen tomorrow. What would you do? There's no easy answer for a guy who gets tomorrow's news, today." [a mystical early edition of the Chicago Sun-Times]

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alternative title

Also known as - Hope Dreams

regional titles

Hoops aka Hoop dromen
Hoops aka Hoop Dreams
Cerceaux aka Hoop Dreams
Aka-Reifen-Hoop Dreams
Hoopz aka Dreams fonsa
Hoopz aka Hoop Dreams
Hoopz aka Hoop Dreams