The Jury
Episode 17 of 23 within Season One. Item 17 of 90 overall.
Production number 017.
Matt Dearborn - Story
Norman Morrill - Story
Norman Morrill - Teleplay
Stephen Cragg - Director
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Gary is chosen to serve as a juror in the trial of a man accused of stealing money from his company and is unsuccessful in trying to avoid serving and is even elected foreperson. Gary is suspicious as the man, Phil, acts strangely and isn't sure of his guilt. While Gary originally votes guilty, as he's about to read the verdict, the Cat delivers the Paper to him in the courtroom and he learns that Phil's wife holds the key to proving him innocent, causing him to change his vote to not guilty.

As the judge sequesters the jury as a result, Gary sends Chuck to talk to Phil's wife who agrees to talk to Gary, but nobody else. With the help of Chuck, Gary escapes and meets up with the wife, but their plan is found out when one of the other jurors, Linda, sneaks in to see Gary and finds Chuck. Phil's wife reveals that Phil had learned of the embezzling scheme while at work and began investigating it. His boss, the head of the company, Prosky was stealing profits from himself and framed Phil for it and has been making threats against his family. She's unwilling to testify and reveals that the only other person who would have, Gus, is too scared after being beaten up at the beginning of the trial before Gary saved him.

original airdate--March 8,1997   rating--7.5 million


music--theme song "Time Has Come Today." by the Chambers Brothers composed by W.G. "Snuffy" Walden


"Gary Hobson receives tomorrows Chicago Sun-Times newspaper today, armed with knowledge of the future, he then tries to prevent tragedies described in "tomorrow's" Sun-Times from occurring, whereby story text and headlines in the newspaper will change to reflect the outcome of his actions."

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regional titles

The Jury
JurČ malgrČ lui
Der verlorene Geschworene
La giuria