Love Is Blind (season finale)
Episode 23 of 23 within Season One. Item 23 of 90 overall.
Production number 023.
Kerry Lenhart - Writer
John J. Sakmar - Writer
Michael Lange - Director
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Marissa's back at college, and interested in her classmate, Jeffrey. But Gary's also at the college, saving a psychology professor's life, twice. Then Chuck finds that Marissa's new boyfriend is the attempted murderer, Gary must get to Marissa and Jeffrey, before Jeffery murders her!

original airdate--May 17,1997  rating--8.8 million


music--theme song "Time Has Come Today." by the Chambers Brothers composed by W.G. "Snuffy" Walden




[Voice of Fisher Stevens] "What if you knew beyond a doubt what was going to happen tomorrow. What would you do? There's no easy answer for a guy who gets tomorrow's news, today." [a mystical early edition of the Chicago Sun-Times]

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regional titles

Liefde Is Blind (seizoensfinale)
Love Is Blind (season finale)
L'amour est aveugle (finale de la saison)
Liebe ist Blind (Saisonfinale)
An Grá nDall (séasúr finale)
Love Is Blind (finale di stagione)
El amor es ciego (final de temporada)