The Return of Crumb
Episode 14 of 22 within Season Two. Item 37 of 90 overall.
Production number 037.
Randy Feldman - Writer
Richard Heus - Director
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While working on one last sting operation before his retirement, Detective Crumb is interrupted by Gary, who saves his life after reading that the stakeout will have deadly implications for the hero cop.

Unfortunately, Gary's good intentions make matters worse for Crumb, who becomes targeted by a menacing district attorney, intent on ruining his reputation.

original airdate--January 31,1998   rating--6.9 million


music--theme song "Time Has Come Today." by the Chambers Brothers composed by W.G. "Snuffy" Walden



"Gary Hobson receives tomorrows Chicago Sun-Times newspaper today, armed with knowledge of the future, he then tries to prevent tragedies described in "tomorrow's" Sun-Times from occurring, whereby story text and headlines in the newspaper will change to reflect the outcome of his actions."

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regional titles

De terugkeer van kruimel
The Return of Crumb
Le retour de miette
Die Rückkehr der Krume
An Tuairisceán Crumb
Il ritorno di Crumb
La vuelta de la miga