Two Days and Two Nights
Episode 25 of 26 within Season One. Item 25 of 98 overall.
Production number 025.
Rick Berman - Story
Brannon Braga - Story
Chris Black - Teleplay
Michael Dorn - Director
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Stardates: February 18, 2152--When the crew takes shore leave on the famous pleasure planet of Risa, Archer has a mysterious encounter with an alien woman; Hoshi has a surprising romantic rendezvous; Mayweather has a rock-climbing accident; and Trip and Reed go clubbing only to end the evening as unwitting victims of robbery.

Meanwhile, Phlox stays on board the Enterprise with T'Pol to take his annual 48-hour hibernation and exhibits some uncharacteristic oddities when they have to wake him up after an injured crew member returns from shore leave.

original airdate--May 15,2002          rating--5.3 million


music--"Faith of the Heart" by Rod Stewart and "Where My Heart Will Take Me" by Russell Watson


Alien Races: Risans, Tandaran

Trivia: Ensign Hoshi Sato speaks about forty languages; it took her months to master the conjugations of the Klingon language. 


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regional titles

Two Days and Two Nights
Vacances sur Risa
Zwei Tage auf Risa
Due Giorni e Due Notti
Dos Días Y Dos Noches