Affliction (I)
Episode 15 of 22 within Season Four. Item 91 of 98 overall.
Production number 40358-091.
Manny Coto - Story
Michael Sussman - Teleplay
Michael Grossman - Director
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Enterprise has returned to Earth for the launch of the Columbia.While Trip prepares for his transfer, Hoshi and Phlox enjoy dinner in San Francisco.Things turn sour.

However, when Phlox is kidnapped by mysterious aliens.He is then taken to a Klingon laboratory on the colony world of Qu'Vat.Dr. Antaak and General K'Vagh inform him that a virus is spreading through the Klingon Empire — they need Phlox's help to devise a cure.

original airdate--February 18,2005     rating--3.17 million

network--UPN Alien Races: Klingons,Klingon targ,Rigelians

music--Enterprise theme "Where My Heart Will Take Me" by Rod Stewart

Starships: Columbia NX-02

Goofs: Captain Hernandez addresses the helmsman as "Lieutenant" but her rank insignia indicates she is an Ensign.

  • When Enterprise is shown over the Earth at about 8:39 the Great Lakes are flipped along their longitude. (East was West while North and South remained the same)

Trivia: The virus in this episode leaves its Klingon victims without head ridges, which explains the comment Worf makes in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's ""Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (1993) {Trials and Tribble-ations (#5.6)}" to a "complicated" problem that is not discussed "with off-worlders". This finally explains the more human-like Klingons of the original series.


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regional titles

Affliction (I)
Die Heimsuchung (I)
Virus Letale