Promises, Promises
Episode 5 of 22 within Season One. Item 5 of 22 overall.
Production number 004.
P. K. Simonds - Writer
Felix Enriquez Alcala - Director
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The Terrians, in an attempt to alert the humans to Gaal's enslavement of them using shock collars, reverse Uly's improving health. True, convinced that the Terrians are hurting Uly, contacts Gaal with a special whistle.

Meanwhile, upon seeing his mistreatment of the Terrians, she adandons him and helps the colonists and the Terrians fight him.

original airdate--November 27,1994  rating--9.7 million


music--music--theme music composed by David Bergeaud

  1. "Seven Angels" by Earth 
  2. "Like Gold and Faceted" by Earth
  3. "Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine" by Earth 


Narrator: Alonzo Solace

Indigenous Life:  

  • "Grendlers"--Soon after arrival the colonists come into contact with a semi-intelligent race of traders and scavengers named Grendlers. In "A Memory Play", it is revealed that a grendler's saliva is a cure for virtually any disease.
  • "Terrians"--Exploring further, the group encounters an intelligent subterranean indigenous species named the Terrians, who seem to have a symbiotic relationship with the planet and can only communicate with the colonists through a dreamscape that few of them understand.
  • "Kobas"--Small monkey-like creatures with a leather-like skin and large eyes. Kobas possess sharp claws, which they use like darts to incapacitate their intended food source. Once struck by a Koba-claw, a victim falls into a near-death coma for two to three days, but awakens with no permanent damage. Kobas have a great talent for mimicry. They are friendly toward those who are friendly to them, but are quick to defend themselves against possible predators.


In 2192. depleted Earth population must live aboard an orbiting space station. Billionaire Devon Adair's son has "the syndrome", a fatal disease caused by the lack of an Earth-like environment. In order to save his life and provide humanity with a second chance, Devon's team travel to settle a G889 planet. They are forced to crash land on the wrong side of the planet and embark on a long journey.

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regional titles

Beloftes, beloftes
Promises, Promises
Promesses tenues
Der Zauber des Bösen
Gealltanais, gealltanais
Promesse promesse
Promesas, promesas