All About Eve
Episode 21 of 22 within Season One. Item 21 of 22 overall.
Production number 021.
Robert Crais - Writer
John Harrison - Director
99 votes
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While engaging in a virtual reality program, a stranger appears to Morgan and directs him to take the colonists to a nearby location. In doing so, they discover the wreckage of a 50-year old Earth sleeper ship.

Meanwhile, Morgan attempts to waken the still-alive occupants of the craft from their sleep, but only two survive. The survivors are able to diagnose an ailment that is killing the colonists as the result of the malfunction of neural implants that the Earth government placed in the colonists without their knowledge. The scientists also disclose that a powerful Earth government computer, named "Eve" is in orbit around the planet and has been monitoring the colonists' activities through the implants.

Elsewhere, the scientists die from the effects of their long cryogenic sleep, they warn the colonists that they will all die because the planet will reject them.

Later, Devon callapses from an unknown ailment that is related to the planet's rejection of the humans. The colonists place her in a cryogenic chamber in the wrecked craft, with the hope that Uly's symbiosis with the Terrians will someday provide a cure for Devon.

original airdate--May 21,1995   rating--5.1 million


music--theme music composed by David Bergeaud

  1. "Seven Angels" by Earth 
  2. "Like Gold and Faceted" by Earth
  3. "Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine" by Earth 


Narrator: Julia Heller & Devon Adair


In 2192. depleted Earth population must live aboard an orbiting space station. Billionaire Devon Adair's son has "the syndrome", a fatal disease caused by the lack of an Earth-like environment. In order to save his life and provide humanity with a second chance, Devon's team travel to settle a G889 planet. They are forced to crash land on the wrong side of the planet and embark on a long journey.

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regional titles

All About Eve
All About Eve
Der defekte Chip
All About Eve
Incontri nel Cyberspazio
Todo sobre Eva