Da Boom
Episode 3 of 21 within Season Two. Item 10 of 285 overall.
Production number 2ACX06.
Garrett Donovan - Writer
Neil Goldman - Writer
Bob Jaques - Director
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Peter is paranoid about the end of the world and makes the family cancel all their New Year's Eve '99 plans. For once, he is right about something: On January 1st, 2000, bombs destroy every structure in the world, except for a surprisingly sturdy Twinkie factory.

The Griffins set out to find the factory, but along the way Stewie is kidnapped by a band of mutants. The episode ends with Victoria Principal telling Patrick Duffy that she just had a dream in which she saw a crazy episode of Family Guy.

original airdate--December 26,1999  rating: 5.6 million

network: Fox

music--Theme song--"You've Got A Lot To See" By "Walter Murphy"


Musical Numbers: Left Foot, Right Foot

Goof: When Chris is singing "Left Foot, Right Foot" after they leave Randy Newman, he says "Left foot" when he puts his right foot down, and "Right foot" when he puts his left foot down.


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regional titles

Da Boom
Te gaga tsouin tsouin
Der letzte Knall
La fine del mondo
Da Boom