Perfect Castaway
Episode 12 of 30 within Season Four. Item 62 of 285 overall.
Production number 4ACX15.
John Viener - Writer
James Purdum - Director
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Peter and the gang travel to a dangerous area in order to catch more fish, and a giant tsunami destroys their boat.

The gang is stranded for months on an island, until a cruise ship eventually spots them. Back at home, things have changed. Lois has gotten Brian.

original airdate--September 18,2005  rating--8.68 million

network: Fox

music: Theme song--"You've Got A Lot To See" By "Walter Murphy"


Musical Numbers: A Peter Griffin Christmas


Easter-Egg: While Peter and his family are tied up in the living room, they pass the time by thinking of false rumors they could spread about celebrities. Peter suggests they claim Rob Schneider pays migrant workers from Home Depot to come to his house and choke him. Later on, Rob is featured in the episode with migrants in his house. This is a reference to a previous episode "Perfect Castaway," in which Joe says "I never picked up an illegal immigrant from Home Depot to bring home and choke me while I touched myself" while playing the drinking game "I never" with his Peter and his friends.


It seems today that all you see is violence in movies and sex on TV 

But where are those good, old fashioned values 

On which we used to rely? 

Lucky there's a Family Guy! 

Lucky there's a man who positively can do all the things that make us 

Laugh and cry! 

He's a Family Guy!

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regional titles

Perfect Castaway
Mes rames et mes vieux
Naufragio perfetto
El NŠufrago perfecto