Fat Guy Strangler
Episode 17 of 30 within Season Four. Item 67 of 285 overall.
Production number 4ACX20.
Chris Sheridan - Writer
Sarah Frost - Director
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A physical confirms what Peter and Lois have been fearing all along: Peter is too fat. Instead of trying to get skinny, Peter creates the NAAFP, an advocacy group for the advancement of fat people.

Meanwhile, after Lois finds an old picture, she discovers she has a long-lost brother, Patrick. It turns out that Patrick is in a nut house, but Lois gets him out. However, Patrick's hatred of fat people makes him a suspect when a bunch a fat men turn up dead.

original airdate--November 27,2005 rating--9.85 million

network: Fox

music: Theme song--"You've Got A Lot To See" By "Walter Murphy"


Musical Numbers: NAAFP Anthem (DVD only), The Longest Time


It seems today that all you see is violence in movies and sex on TV 

But where are those good, old fashioned values 

On which we used to rely? 

Lucky there's a Family Guy! 

Lucky there's a man who positively can do all the things that make us 

Laugh and cry! 

He's a Family Guy!

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regional titles

Fat Guy Strangler
Les maux de la faim
Se non son matti
El estrangulador de gordos