Throne For A Loss
Episode 4 of 22 within Season One. Item 4 of 90 overall.
Production number 10104.
Richard Manning - Writer
Pino Amenta - Director
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Rygel borrows a valuable crystal essential to Moya's survival, hoping to impress Tavlek Traders interested in business.

However, the Tavleks' real business is holding important hostages for ransom, and they kidnap Rygel and the crystal. Crichton and the others obtain a powerful gauntlet weapon from a captured Tavlek to aid their rescue of Rygel, but they find that using the Tavleks' weaponry is almost as deadly as the Tavleks themselves.

original airdate-April 9,1999             rating--1.1 million


music--"Farscape theme song" by Guy Gross


Factoid--Crichton makes two mistakes with his pop culture references. The first is the movie in which John Wayne plays Genghis Khan is actually called The Conqueror rather than Genghis Khan. The second is calling the main character in Kung Fu "Kung Fu" rather than "Caine."

  • Jotheb was operated by putting a false floor in the cell next to Rygel's, and the puppeteer, Tim Mieville, was up to his waist inside the complicated rig. "All of the tentacles were on wires and cables – really low-tech stuff, but the suit was actually very complicated," according to Dave Elsey.

Goof:After D'Argo has thrown the metal canister across the cargo hold, Zhaan notes that "that is a very powerful and versatile weapon." Her lips, however, do not move.

Planet visited: (Tavlek) Temp. 23 degrees celsius, 73 degrees fahrenheit

The Tavlek planet that John had encountered after Rygel was captured by the Tavleks, Is a harsh thick Jungle like planet that is very inhospitable. This world is home to some of the most poisons creatures around, like fire snakes and Morlian death spiders to name a couple. The only reason the Tavlek warriors live here is because they were exiled from the home world for disobeying orders. Now the Tavlek warriors have broken into small rival camps scattered throughout the planet surface, and use this planet as a staging ground to capture passing vessels and holding prisoners for ransom.

Trivia:Many people wondered how they had such amazing colors fir the plant life on the planet thinking they had colored them but it was done with a filter.

  • Originally, Crichton was still conscious after Aeryn punched him. But Ben Browder protested, saying there's no way his character would voluntarily get on the prowler with Aeryn, after she had assaulted him. So they rewrote it so that Crichton would be knocked out cold.

Farscape Lingo: Za= yes (in Scarran)



 "My name is John astronaut...radiation leak...I got shot up...I was lost in some distant part of the universe...on a ship full of strange alien life forms...listen please...can anyone out there hear insane military commander...I can't...I'm just looking for a way home." 



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regional titles

Troon For A Loss
Throne For A Loss
Pour une perte Trône
Thron für einen Verlust
Throne Chun A Caillteanais
Trono per una perdita
Trono por la pérdida de