Voices Carry
Episode 3 of 13 within Season Two. Item 9 of 46 overall.
Production number E09.
Lisa Melamed - Writer
Vincent Misiano - Director
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Gary Navarro, a minor league baseball player back after a 30-year absence, finds that hearing everyone's unspoken thoughts is driving him to the edge of madness. When he seeks help from NTAC, the higher-ups are more interested in how he can unearth information about Jordan Collier than how they can assist Gary with getting his life back. As the case occupies the majority of his time, Tom finds himself struggling with his responsibilities as a single father.

Meanwhile, Kyle starts to get his life back through the prospect of a new relationship, Diana finds herself dealing with the unexpected arrival of her younger sister April, and as Richard, Lily, and Isabelle continue their life on the run, Richard grows increasingly disturbed by his daughter's apparent abilities.

original airdate--June 12,2005

network: USA

songs--Theme "A Place in Time" Performed by Bosshouse featuring Amanda Abizaid

  1. "Gravity" by Alison Krauss & Union Station



Ability: "Telepathy"--Gary Navarro: has the ability to read people's thoughts.



                      "Taken for a reason. Returned with a purpose."

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regional titles

Voices Carry
Voices Carry
Report de voix
Das zweite Gesicht
Voices Déan
Voices Carry
Llevar a voces