Weight of the World
Episode 4 of 13 within Season Two. Item 10 of 46 overall.
Production number E10.
Scott Peters - Writer
Oz Scott - Director
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Someone puts his 4400 ability up for auction, and the Supreme Court will have a special session to determine if it's legal and if the auction can continue. Diana and Tom are ordered to investigate.

Meanwhile, pop diva Chloe Granger is at the 4400 Center and claims that Jordan's book was a revelation to her. She even cut her tour short because she felt she needed to come to the 4400 Center and become a student. Jordan makes sure this new "recruit" is well treated as it will profit the center. Shawn is working on a recruitment video for the 4400 Center. Richard and Lily travel to Montana where they meet with Eric Papequash, who disappeared in 1955.

original airdate--June 19,2005

network: USA

songs--Theme "A Place in Time" Performed by Bosshouse featuring Amanda Abizaid

  1. "Walking Dead" by DJ Z-Trip featuring Chester Bennington
  2. "Banquet" by Bloc Party
  3. "Everybody's Leaving" by Elkland 



Abilities: "Metabolism Acceleration"--Trent Appelbaum:  has the ability to produce an enzyme that, in the human body, speeds the metabolism exponentially, causing the person that receives this enzyme to die of starvation without intervention.

"Sonic Scream"--Billy: has a promicin-induced ability that allows its user to emit massive sound waves from their mouth powerful enough to temporarily deafen people within a few feet of the user, and to shake building foundations hundreds of feet away, the waves themselves breaking the sound barrier.


                      "Taken for a reason. Returned with a purpose."

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regional titles

Gewicht van de wereld
Weight of the World
Poids du monde
Bis auf die Knochen
Meáchan an Domhain
Il peso del mondo
El peso del mundo