As Fate Would Have It
Episode 6 of 13 within Season Two. Item 12 of 46 overall.
Production number E12.
Craig Sweeney - Writer
Nick Gomez - Director
51 votes

Maia has a vision about Jordan Collier's death, prompting an all-out response by NTAC to stop it from happening. Shawn deals with the consequences of showing his healing ability to the homeless. Jordan consults Isabelle.

original airdate--July 10,2005

network: USA

songs--Theme "A Place in Time" Performed by Bosshouse featuring Amanda Abizaid

  1. "You Are" by Paul Trudeau
  2. "Running Battle" by Kasabian
  3. "I Hate the Way You Love" by The Kills




                      "Taken for a reason. Returned with a purpose."

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regional titles

Als het lot zou hebben het
As Fate Would Have It
Comme destin aurait-il
Wer erschoss J. C.?
Mar mhaith ndán di An bhfuil sé
Il destino ha voluto che
Como el destino lo tendría