The Train Job
Episode 3 of 15 within Season One. Item 3 of 17 overall.
Production number 1AGE01.
Tim Minear - Writer
Joss Whedon - Writer
Joss Whedon - Director
424 votes
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A powerful and fearsome mobster named Adelei Niska demands that the crew of Serenity to pull a train robbery. The train is carrying medical supplies for a community, and Reynolds and Zoe get held on suspicion. They get free with Inara's help but realize they were tricked and try to return Niska's money. His henchman isn't too happy but Nelson "persuades" the next guy to take the money back.

Meanwhile, two blue-handed black-suited operatives close in on River.

original airdate--September 20,2002  rating--6.2 million


music-- Theme song "The Ballad of Serenity" by: Joss Whedon Performed by: Sonny Rhodes

  1. "Big Bar Fight"
  2. "Inara's Suite" 
  3. "Saved/Isn't Home?/Reavers"
  4. "River's Afraid/Niska/Torture"


Trivia: Jayne's line after shooting Crow in the leg, "I was aiming for his head", later used by Nathan Fillion in Castle, is lifted from the 1977-81 British sci-fi series Blake's 7, which was on while Whedon was living in the UK. That line itself is a mis-quote from The Magnificent Seven, where the original line was "I was aiming for his horse".

Goofs: The position of the rolling tray, the objects knocked off it, and the sheet on the medical bed changes between shots after River awakes from her dream.

  • When Mal is fighting with Crow on the ship, he falls over the shipment of containers, knocking some of them over. In the next shot, the containers are standing upright again.
  • When Serenity leaves the planet, its running lights are switched: the port lights are green when they should be red and the starboard lights are red when they should be green.
  • In the scene where Mal and Zoë exit the train, look closely at the woman in the yellow veil to the left of the screen holding a baby - she walks into a passing vehicle knocking her baby on its head (revealing it is really a doll).


"Captain Mal Reynolds and his band of renegades travel about the galaxy in Serenity, a Firefly-class spaceship, doing jobs when they can find the work, and pulling jobs when they can't".

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regional titles

De baan van de trein
The Train Job
Le travail de Train
Die Bahn-Job
An Post Traenach
Il Treno del lavoro
El trabajo del tren