War Stories
Episode 11 of 15 within Season One. Item 11 of 17 overall.
Production number 1AGE09.
Cheryl Cain - Writer
James A. Contner - Director
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Jealous of Zoe's relationship with Mal, Wash insists (thanks to a bit of scheming) that he go with Mal to try to sell some of the medical supplies the crew stole from the Alliance.

In the middle of the deal Mal and Wash are kidnapped by men working for Niska the crime lord, who wants revenge against Mal for the botched train heist.

original airdate--December 06,2002 rating--3.9 million


music-- Theme song "The Ballad of Serenity" by: Joss Whedon Performed by: Sonny Rhodes

  1. "Inara's Suite"
  2. "River's Afraid/Niska/Torture"
  3. "Mal Fights Niska/Back Home"
  4. "Boarding the Serenity/Derelict" 
  5. "In My Bunk/Jayne's Statue/Boom"


Goofs: The money bag is being carried by a guard behind Zoe, but when we see Niska, he already has the bag.

  • Niska's henchman is shown cutting off Mal's left ear. However, when the 'pet' device is applied to Mal, he is shown with a bloody wound instead of a right ear.
  • When Zoe is walking through the hall of Niska's ship to give him the money, her hands are at her sides except when she is first seen through the glass walking down the hallway.

Trivia--On the DVD commentary, Alan Tudyk pointed out that despite the way Zoe and Wash were constantly portrayed, with Zoe being taller than her husband, Alan is in fact taller than Gina Torres. He is 6', she is 5'10''.

  • The long Chinese phrase Wash angrily yells at Zoe on the bridge translates (roughly) as "Shove all the planets in the Universe up my ass!".
  • In the opening scene, where Simon and Book are discussing the operations performed on River, Simon is looking at a computer display of River's brain. The text that scans past underneath the brain model is lines of Javascript code from a web page.


"Captain Mal Reynolds and his band of renegades travel about the galaxy in Serenity, a Firefly-class spaceship, doing jobs when they can find the work, and pulling jobs when they can't".

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