Objects in Space
Episode 13 of 15 within Season One. Item 13 of 17 overall.
Production number 1AGE11.
Joss Whedon - Writer
Joss Whedon - Director
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Serenity encounters a ruthlessly professional bounty hunter, Jubal Early, who will stop at nothing to retrieve River. But River, feeling unwelcome on the ship, takes a novel approach to escaping from the long arm of the Alliance.

original airdate--December 13,2002

music-- Theme song "The Ballad of Serenity" by: Joss Whedon Performed by: Sonny Rhodes


  • During the attempt to reprogram the waste disposal unit, the first shot of the computer screen shows a Microsoft Windows desktop.
  • When Simon gives Jayne a shot, you can see the fake needle retract into the syringe.
  • The port side shuttle is visible in Serenity's port (left) docking bay when both shuttles have left the ship.
  • When Mal and Saffron are running from the authorities, they leave the Bellerophon Estates through a door which uses a crash bar to exit. However, when the guards arrive to that door, it has changed color and the door hardware is now a lever-style handle.
  • After the fight in the beginning with Saffron, Reynolds' nosebleed disappears and reappears between shots.

Trivia--In the theater scene, depicted on the screen in the background as shadow art, are ships leaving the planet Earth and arriving at various planets.

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regional titles

Objecten in de ruimte
Objects in Space
Objets dans l'espace
Objekte im Raum
Réada sa Spás
Oggetti nello spazio
Objetos en el espacio