A Big Piece of Garbage
Episode 8 of 9 within Season One : FOX. Item 8 of 145 overall.
Production number 1ACV08.
Lewis Morton - Writer
Susie Dietter - Director
83 votes

A big piece of garbage that was released a thousand years ago is now on the way to Earth to destroy it. After Fry, Leela and Bender fail on placing a bomb on it, the city has to build another big piece of garbage, yet that may be a problem since trash doesn't exist in year 3000.

original airdate-- May 9,1999            rating--5.4 million


opening subtitle--Mr. Bender's Wardrobe by ROBOTANY 500

music--"Theme from Futurama" by Christopher Tyng


Title caption--Mr. Bender's Wardrobe By Robotany 500

Opening cartoon--"A Corny Concerto"

Nomination(s)--Emmy Awards [Outstanding Animated Program, 1999]

Goofs--When the team first meet the Mayor, the writing on the Mayor's nameplate disappears after it is first seen, and the button on his desk that he pushes wasn't there before.

  • Most of the objects on the Mayor's desk disappear (e.g. the photograph, the lamp) when Professor Farnsworth starts to write his plan on it.
  • When the Death Clock is put on the table, the readout panel is facing away from the edge of the table. In the next shot, it is facing Leela and the edge of the table.
  • When Bender is ordering from the wine list, the waiter's notepad changes colour from yellow to white.
  • The FunkOMeter doesn't appear on the telescope until Professor Farnsworth points it out, and it disappears again afterwards.


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regional titles

A Big Piece of Garbage
Un gros tas d’ordures
Müll macht erfinderisch
Palla d'immondizia
Un Enorme Monton de Basura