Hell is Other Robots (season finale)
Episode 9 of 9 within Season One : FOX. Item 9 of 145 overall.
Production number 1ACV09.
Eric Kaplan - Writer
Rich Moore - Director
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Bender becomes addicted to electricity, so his sins make him go to robot hell. Since he is condemned to live there for eternity, it's up to Fry and Leela to save him from Beelzebot, the robot devil.

original airdate--May 16,1999   rating--4.9 million


music--"Theme from Futurama" by Christopher Tyng

  1. "Robot Hell" by Beastie Boys
  2. "Intergalactic" by Beastie Boys


opening subtitle--Condemned by the Space Pope

opening cartoon--"Betty Boop and Grampy"

Title reference--The line "Hell is other people" from the play No Exit

Goofs--When the everyone is singing and the Devil Robot is taking Bender down in the Lift, we can see that the back of the lift is grated in one close up shot, but in a far away shot it is a solid cube with no grate.

  • When Bender is dipped in the baptismal oil the oil level in the barrel doesn't change; which it should because of the Archimedes Principle.
  • During the Robot Devil's song, Fry and Leela are going down a slide. At the beginning and end of their verse, they are shown as being on the same slide. While they are singing, they change positions several times.

Easter Eggs: On the main menu for Season 1 Disc 1 press right to highlight the limo. Press enter to view the film poster for the film 'Planet of the Clams'.

On the second disc of Season One on the Main Menu, highlight "fear of a bot planet" and click up which highlights a slurm truck. Then press enter to see a movie poster.

On the third disc of Season One on the main menu, highlight "fry and the slurm factory" and press right on DVD remote. Press enter to see movie poster.


"Pizza delivery boy and major underachieving loser, Philip J. Fry, is cryogenically frozen by accident on New Year's Eve, 1999 and re-awakened 1000 years later in the 31st century".

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regional titles

Hel is andere Robots (seizoensfinale)
Hell is Other Robots (season finale)
L’Enfer c’est les autres robots (fin de saison)
Ein echtes Höllenspektakel (Saisonfinale)
Is Ifreann Robots eile (Chlár deiridh den tsraith)
Un viaggio infernale (finale di stagione)
El Infierno Esta en los Demas Robots (final de temporada)