The Lesser of Two Evils
Episode 11 of 20 within Season Two : FOX. Item 20 of 145 overall.
Production number 2ACV06.
Eric Horsted - Writer
Chris Suave - Director
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The Professor hires Flexo -- a new robot who, despite a goatee, is an exact duplicate of Bender -- as extra security when the crew is asked to take a valuable jeweled tiara to the Miss Universe Contest. When the tiara turns up missing, Fry suspects Flexo and starts a cat-and-mouse chase throughout the pageant with Bob Barker guest starring as himself.

original airdate--February 20,2000    rating--4.4 million


music--"Theme from Futurama" by Christopher Tyng


Title caption--The show that watches back

Opening cartoon--Felix the Cat Trifles with Time (1925)

Alienese--The signs in Alienese say, "Laser Tentacle Surgery" and "Way to go, Dexter!".

Goofs-- When they are looking for the stolen atomic tiara, Fry is looking through Leela's drawers. At first the panty on top is pink. When it cuts it's blue.

  • When Bender and Flexo are fighting, Leela fires a shot at the roof and some bulbs fall down. The bulb's positions change between the shots.
  • As Fry is looking for the atomic tiara he's in Leela's room. Before he goes through the drawers there are three of them, but when it cuts there are two drawers.
  • Why do they assume that Flexo took the Jumbonium? By now they should know that Bender is the thief and likes stealing valuable stuff. 


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regional titles

The Lesser of Two Evils
Le moins pire des deux
Die Wahl zur Miss Universum
Il male minore
El Menor de dos Malos