Raging Bender
Episode 12 of 20 within Season Two : FOX. Item 21 of 145 overall.
Production number 2ACV08.
Lewis Morton - Writer
Ron Hughart - Director
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When Bender goes to the movies, he ends up wrestling around to get a better view. While brawling, he gets discovered and signs on as the featured attraction in the brutal Ultimate Robot Fighting League -- with some knock-out results.

original airdate-- February 27,2000    rating--5.0 million


music--"Theme from Futurama" by Christopher Tyng

  1. "James Bond Theme" by music composed by Monty Norman.


opening subtitle--Nominated for three Glemmys

opening cartoon--"Hollywood Capers"

Title reference--The 1980 film Raging Bull.

Trivia--Leela uses Rust-O-Leum to prepare Bender for his first fight.

  • First appearance of the Chain Smoker.
  • "James Bond Theme" by music composed by Monty Norman.

Goofs--The appearance of Bender's eyes after he's been flattened by Destructo changes between shots.

  • Fnog is controlling Destructo from under the ring; however, according to the announcer, he weighs 400 tons (800,000 lbs). Given that Leela made Fnog make him punch through the floor of the ring, there's no way the it could support his weight, especially when he falls on Bender.
  • When Bender get axed in the back Leela says he can't give up every time he gets axed and drilled through his face, while having both her hands placed on the ring's floor. When it cuts her left hand is off the floor.
  • After the fight with Destructor when Bender lies flatten to the ground, the wrestling manager appears with nothing in his hands. When it cuts he is suddenly holding a cigar.

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regional titles

Raging Bender
Raging Bender
Wie ein wilder Bender
Il Bender furioso
Bender Embravecido