The Cryonic Woman (season finale)
Episode 19 of 19 within Season Two : FOX. Item 32 of 145 overall.
Production number 2ACV19.
J. Stewart Burns - Writer
Mark Ervin - Director
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When Leela accidentally leaves the keys in the ignition of the Planet Express, Fry and Bender decide that it's the perfect opportunity to go joy-riding. This decision, unfortunately costs the entire crew their jobs -- and Fry and Bender lay blame on Leela. She decides to return to her former job at the cryonic lab, but before doing so accidentally implants her job chip into Fry and his chip into her.

Now Fry is in charge of assigning jobs to the recently thawed and Leela is one of the best-looking pizza delivery girls in New New York. Fry's first assignment on the job brings him a big surprise -- he unthaws Michelle, his former girlfriend from 1999, who voluntarily froze herself after Fry's disappearance.

original airdate--December 3,2000    rating--4.3 million


music--"Theme from Futurama" by Christopher Tyng


opening subtitle-- Not a Substitute for Human Interaction

opening cartoon--"Up to Mars" (1930)

Goofs: After destroying the toy spaceship Bender place the hammer on the ground in front of him. When it cuts the hammer has changed position.

Trivia: In this episode, one revived cryogenic patient tells Fry he froze himself because he wanted to meet Shakespeare and assumed time was cyclical. Fry tells him it only moves in a straight line. However, in "Futurama" (1999) {The Late Philip J. Fry (#6.7)}, this assumption is proven wrong, as Fry, the Professor and Bender accidently overshoot while testing a new time machine, and have to travel through all of human existence to get home.

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regional titles

The Cryonic Woman (season finale)
La femme cryonique
Die Frau, die aus der Kälte kam
Un amore sbucato dal passato
Mujer Crionica