The Route Of All Evil
Episode 3 of 16 within Season Five : FOX. Item 59 of 145 overall.
Production number 3ACV12.
Dan Vebber - Writer
Brian Sheesley - Director
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Cubert - the clone of the Professor - and Dwight - Hermes' son - are suspended from school for illegal use of the AV equipment. Upon their return to the Planet Express, they form a business -- a competing delivery company that threatens the existence of Planet Express.

Meanwhile, Leela, Fry and Bender brew up a batch of homemade beer.

original airdate-- December 8,2002   rating--2.6 million


music--"Theme from Futurama" by Christopher Tyng


opening caption--"Disclaimer: Any resemblance to actual robots would be really cool"

opening cartoon--"Heep Hep Injuns"

Goofs--This would show peoples bad perception of the 21 century.

  • The Little Prince speaks a few words of French when hit by a newspaper, despite previous claims that French was a dead language.
  • The voice actor for Dwight left to do a film in China before the show was finalised, and didn't return until 10 months later. This meant that the episode couldn't be improved completely until their return, thus it was aired in the fifth season.
  • Cubert is reading a "Radioactive Man" comic from The Simpsons.
  • People (even the dogs) flying through the asteroid belt wear space helmets, but on the asteroids themselves, they don't.
  • The rotation of the feeding mechanism on the newspaper gun changes. It first spins counter-clockwise when Hermes starts firing, then it is shown spinning clockwise for the shot where Dwight takes over.
  • The back page that has been ripped off is put in the envelope with the top part showing the right way up, but it was folded so if the ads side of the page was showing, either the middle part or the top part upside down would show.
  • The comic books pages become blank when Cubert is ripping off the back page.

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regional titles

The Route Of All Evil
La livraison du plus fort (Le mal absolu)
Die Wurzel allen Übels
Padri e figli
La ruta de todo mal