The Farnsworth Parabox
Episode 10 of 16 within Season Five : FOX. Item 66 of 145 overall.
Production number 4ACV15.
Bill Odenkirk - Writer
Ron Hughart - Director
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When the Professor conducts an experiment so hideous that he wants his apparatus destroyed in the thermonuclear inferno of the sun, he has Leela guard the two-foot cubic box overnight so that no one opens it and sets it off.

Fry and Bender try their best to sneak a peek but it is Leela who finally gives in and opens the box. Drawn into the power of the box, Leela is thrown into a parallel universe, which has duplicates of the Planet Express gang - including Leela.

original airdate--June 8,2003           rating--3.0 million


music--"Theme from Futurama" by Christopher Tyng


opening caption--Beats a hard kick to the face

opening cartoon--The Queen was in the Parlor (1932)

Goofs--When all of the cast is jumping into the box for universe gamma, Professor-A enters the box feet first, but exits headfirst.

  • In a shot of Leela looking into the box in universe A, the room is blue, the colour of universe 1.
  • When Hermes is poised to press the eject button the crew jump out of the box and he pulls his hand away in shock. When we pull back to outside the ejection port we see Hermes finger still poised over the eject button again.
  • The color of the hangar walls change back and forth before and after Leela goes through the box.
  • When Leela looks in the box, the wall behind her is red, then blue when it cuts back, then red again, and finally blue as she enters the other universe.


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regional titles

Het Farnsworth Parabox
The Farnsworth Parabox
Le bon, la bote et l'ahuri
Die Farnsworth-Parabox
An Parabox Farnsworth
Dossi e paradossi
La Paracaja de Farnsworth