Breeding Ground
Episode 12 of 22 within Season One. Item 12 of 66 overall.
Production number 112.
Adam Grossman - Writer
Albert J. Salke - Writer
Mike Rokl - Director
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Quatrain 78, Century 10: "The Cheshire breed is spawned / an intertwining battleground / dominance attained, without a ship set sail".

Cade "Ashby" investigates a boarding school in Chesire Massachusetts, in which one of it's students spontaneously caught on fire. Cade poses as a track coach to investigate reports of superhuman abilities in some of the students. 

original airdate--November 25,1998






"In 1564 Nostradamus predicted the destruction of Earth in three terrifying waves. The first wave is here. My name is Cade Foster. These are my journals. They killed my wife. Framed me for murder. Now I run, but I don't hide. With the prophecies of Nostradamus as my guide, I seek them...I hunt them. I will stop the next wave." (followed by a reference to one of Nostradamus' predictions: "Quatrain 32 Century Nine - 'The pillars of light will fall with serpents coiled in their heads. Twelve Lords and Ladies of the Empire will be devoured by the darkness or spared by the fruit of golden hue'."

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Breeding Ground
L'Appel du coeur
Brut des Bsen
Ground pr
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