Episode 12 of 23 within Season One. Item 12 of 179 overall.
Production number HOU-112.
Lawrence Kaplow - Writer
Thomas L. Moran - Writer
Nelson McCormick - Director
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While trying to figure out why a young patient won't stop bleeding after a car wreck, House takes Cuddy's challenge and goes off Vicodin for a week in exchange for no clinic duty for a month. If House and his team can't determine the source of his patient's blood loss, the 16-year-old car victim will die in a matter of days.

As House's withdrawal symptoms become more and more severe, his patient directives for his patient are more harsh and risky than usual, and Foreman and Cameron are afraid he may not be thinking clearly enough to save the patient's life.

original airdate--February 15,2005     rating--14.22 million

network: FOX

songs--Theme song--"Teardrop" by Massive Attack

  1. "You Don't Have To Worry" by Windy Wagner
  2. "Feelin' Alright" by Joe Cocker


The Mis-diagnoses:

  • Although House never buys into it, Cameron keeps pushing for Lupis. House thinks Lupis is a bad diagnosis but he can't think of anything else and in a desperate attempt tries to rule out hepatitis-E.

Final Diagnosis--acute (Naphthalene Toxicity) from termites in the walls of his bedroom (which also killed his cat).

  • Naphthalene poisoning caused by termites in the walls of the house the patient lived in. It was made worse in the hospital because the patient didn't eat and so his fat cells were used for fuel and thus the poison stored in them was released into the body.


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