Sports Medicine
Episode 13 of 23 within Season One. Item 13 of 179 overall.
Production number HOU-109.
John Mankiewicz - Writer
David Shore - Writer
Keith Gordon - Director
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A severely broken arm reveals a bizarre case of bone loss and ends the comeback plans of major league pitcher Hank Wiggen. House suspects Hank – with a history of drug abuse – is lying about using steroids, as his condition worsens.

When Hank’s kidneys start to fail, his wife offers to donate hers, but she would have to abort her early pregnancy. Forced into an impossible solution, and admitting failure as an addict, Hank tries to take his own life. House and his team must isolate and fix the problem soon if this pitcher’s life, as well his career, can be saved.

original airdate--February 22,2005     rating--15.53 million

songs--Theme song--Teardrop by Massive Attack

  1. "You Better Stop" by Robert L Wyckoff
  2. "I Never Saw It Coming" by Windy Wagner


Final Diagnosis--(Cadmium poisoning) from cannabis use.

Goof: When Cameron and Chase (later joined by Foreman, Sharon, and House) are eating dinner in a restaurant, Cameron begins the scene with her fork in her left hand and knife in the right. The camera cuts to Chase, and we can see the fork in her right hand and nothing in her left; the way it remains for the rest of the scene.





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regional titles

Sports Medicine
Rencontre sportive
Schlechter Boden
Una vita per un'altra vita
Medicina deportiva