Episode 8 of 24 within Season Three. Item 55 of 179 overall.
Production number HOU-308.
Pamela Davis - Writer
Daniel Sackheim - Director
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Houses newest patient is 18-year-old Jack, brought to the hospital after experiencing a heart attack and massive vomiting. Barely an adult himself, Jack has been the parent to his younger brother and sister since their parents died.

After a brief perusal of Jacks file, House thinks hes got the diagnosis, seals it in an envelope and turns the process into a game, challenging Cameron, Foreman and Chase to figure it out on their own. When Jack is given an option that would lead to a possible reprieve from his worsening illness, hes faced with a decision that could break up his little family forever.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to extract a confession, Tritter makes it almost impossible for Wilson to practice medicine, driving a friendship-ruining wedge between House and Wilson.

original airdate--November 21,2006   rating--15.20 million

network: FOX

songs--Theme song--"Teardrop" by Massive Attack


The Mis-diagnoses:

  • The patient turns out to have Hepatitis A. They cure that and other infections pop up. During one test Foreman breaks one of the kid's ribs. "We knock down one infection and three more pop up. I think this game is rigged." Finally, Cuddy says something that makes House realize the underlying cause must be genetic. "Continuing emotional trauma triggers a genetic illness. The question is which one."

Final Diagnosis--Chronic granulomatous disease

  • Chronic Granulomatous Disease. A bone marrow transplant from his younger brother would cure him but he refuses to consent to it.


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Jeux d'enfants
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