Act Your Age
Episode 19 of 24 within Season Three. Item 66 of 179 overall.
Production number S3-E19.
Sara Hess - Writer
Daniel Sackheim - Director
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The team takes on the case of 6-year-old Lucy, who collapsed at daycare. They discover that the tissues surrounding Lucys heart have hardened and are strangling her heart, a condition usually found in much older patients. As the team searches for an explanation, Lucys condition worsens and she suffers a stroke.

Theres a palpable tension between Cameron and Chase, and House intentionally assigns them tasks to do together, including a trip to Lucys house to check for any possible environmental explanations for her condition. While there, they discover surprising evidence indicating that Lucy may have been abused. Lucys 8-year-old brother develops a not-so-innocent crush on Cameron, and as he becomes increasingly aggressive, House suspects that whatever is killing Lucy has begun to affect her brothe, too. As they try to narrow down what is causing Lucys condition before its too late, House and Cameron clash over how to treat her.

Meanwhile, when Wilson takes Cuddy out to see a play, House puts ideas in Wilsons head regarding Cuddys motivation for going with him.

original airdate--April 17,2007            rating--22.41 million

network: FOX

songs--Theme Song: "Teardrop" by Massive Attack


The Mis-diagnoses:

  • They think it might be fungal or Lupus of Kawasakis. When they discover that Lucy has startd menstruation, they try to figure out where she might be getting extra hormones from considering tumors to environmental causes.

Final Diagnosis--Exposure to testosterone causing precocious puberty

  • Dad has been taking male enhancement cream and although it wasn't in his home, he was secreting extra homones through his skin.


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regional titles

Act Your Age
Poussées d'hormones
Actua según tu edad