Voices in the Dark (series finale)
Episode 7 of 15 within Season Two. Item 27 of 35 overall.
Production number 207.
J. Michael Straczynski - Writer
Martin Wood - Director
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Adam comes to Milhaven to kill Jeremiah and nearly succeeds, sending Jeremiah, Kurdy and Mister Smith on a dangerous mission into one of Daniel's strongholds.

original airdate--November 07,2003      


music--Theme music composer by Tim Truman






In the early 21st century, a supervirus known as "the Big Death" was unleashed across the planet: highly communicable, short incubation period and almost one-hundred percent fatal to anyone who had reached the age of puberty or higher. Within six months, the population had been decimated and the only survivors were the pre-pubescent children, who somehow had to rebuild a society they never fully knew. Fifteen years later, one such survivor is Jeremiah (Perry), who travels between the rural, low-tech communities that have cropped up in the intervening years and searches tirelessly for something called "Valhalla Sector", a place his father once spoke of as a possible refuge against the Big Death.

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regional titles

Voices in the Dark (reeks finale)
Voices in the Dark (series finale)
Voices in the Dark (Úpisode de la sÚrie)
Stimmen im Dunkeln
Guthanna sa Dark (sraith finale)
Voci nel buio (serie finale)
Voces en la oscuridad (final de serie)