Hearts of Stone
Episode 14 of 22 within Season One. Item 14 of 92 overall.
Production number 57322.
Robert Foster - Writer
Jeffrey Hayden - Director
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Michael and KITT travel to Houston, Texas, to cut off the sale of black-market weapons, and find themselves caught up in a war between rival gangs.

original airdate--January 14,1983


music--Knight Rider theme song by Stu Phillips



Goofs: While at the wedding, a truck approaches with gunmen. KITT comes into the scene and takes a number of shots from the gunmen. The "squibs" for the bullets are clearly visible along the passenger side of KITT before the bullets hit the car.

  • Michael drives KITT on the back of a truck. In the close-up he opens his door to get out. In the next shot we see him climbing out his window. Later we see Angie, who was sitting in the passenger's seat, opening the passenger's door. In the next shot, we see her getting out on the driver's side.
  • When KITT jumps into the empty factory to save Michael the ramp is set a foot higher than the floor, yet when they drive out the same hole, the ramp is level with the floor so it can be driven down.
  • When KITT lands in the back of the pick-up truck near the end of the episode, the internal shot shows the girl starting to get out of the passenger's side. But in the next external shot, she is getting out of the driver's side.

Trivia: The dress that Bonnie is wearing at the end of this episode is from Patricia McPherson’s personal wardrobe collection.


                           Closing Narration: 

One man can make a difference, Michael. Michael Knight. 

A Lone crusader in a dangerous world. The World, of the Knight Rider. 

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regional titles

Hart van steen
Hearts of Stone
Curs de pierre
Herzen aus Stein
Hearts Cloch
Cuori di pietra
Corazones de piedra