Goliath (I)
Episode 1 of 24 within Season Two. Item 23 of 92 overall.
Production number 57875.
Robert Foster - Writer
Robert W. Gilmer - Writer
Winrich Kolbe - Director
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Wilton Knight's estranged son Garthe — the physical template for the surgically reconstructed Michael — returns from Africa to help a band of mercenaries steal nuclear missiles from a secret government facility.

With the aid of his mother, Elizabeth, Garthe steals the formula for KITT's molecular-bonded shell, then applies it to a 14-ton, 18-wheeled monster he calls Goliath.

original airdate--October 02,1983   rating: 20.3/31 share


music--Knight Rider theme song by Stu Phillips



Goofs: When Michael is driving to Ceasar's palace, his script is visibly lying on the passenger seat.

  • Shortly after the "Goliath" truck starts firing its missiles, you can clearly see that some of the missile tubes are empty because the missiles that had been in them have been ejected. But then in a later shot of the truck, all the missile tubes are full again.
  • WK.I.T.T. scanned Goliath for weaknesses, he could only find one "vulnerable" spot - the hitch pin - that was later attacked with the laser. Yet he was able to use his laser on the rear loading doors on the trailer to weld them shut - how could the laser melt the doors if they were fitted with the secret impregnable material that made Goliath  invulnerable? 
  • (at around 17 mins) Michael (David Hasselhoff) is driving with a woman. When the shot switches to a longer shot, not only does Michael - who's impersonating Garthe with a small beard and mustache in the closer shot - lose both aspects of that facial hair, but it's obvious that the driver and passenger are both different people. When the shot switches back to the closer shot again, it's the original people again.


Closing Narration: 

Michael Knight. A Lone crusader in a dangerous world. The World, of the Knight Rider. 


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regional titles

Goliath (I)
Goliath (I)
Goliath (I)
Goliath Teil I: Goliaths Geburt
Goliath (I)
Goliat (I)
Goliath (I)